she’s baaack !!!

Back to just one picture… saying much more than any words….

she is tired… but she is baaaack !!!


Photo on 11-20-17 at 9.52 PM.jpg

and Philip is well beyond… just thankful.


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the Lattimer Massacre…..

On September 10, 1897, my great grandfather, Clement Platek, was shot and killed along with 18 others at a peaceful demonstration of mine workers, in Lattimer, Pennsylvania.

Lattimer Memorial Sign.jpg

Our daughter was in that area and visited the memorial… here she is pointing at my great grandfather’s name on the memorial.  His brother-in-law was also murdered that day.  My grandmother was just one year old at the time.  She never had any siblings.


Greed is a terrible thing.


all because of coal… and the mine owners abuse of so many people….


and… most of the world has no idea of this ever happening…

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ready to go….

she is all dressed up and ready to go…. doesn’t need any words….  🙂


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At first I thought ellen might be down there hitchhiking…. what to do you think?DSCF9047 2.jpeg

Then I realized that our friend, Bodie Lister, had already picked her up and was taking this  picture… so she couldn’t be hitch-hiking – even though she was in Wewa-HITCH-ka…..   (pretty bad, huh?)

then… being the quick study that I am… I realized she was pointing at the street sign…. Bodie Lister Rd


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today’s story is… ellen’s tour….

Simple story actually….  our special friend Bodie lives in Wewahitchka, Florida… he drove over to where ellen is staying around 11:00am to pick her up… gave her a complete tour of Wewahitchka and that end of the Florida panhandle… beautiful area…


Even the marshes are beautiful… and… if I remember correctly, it’s those trees where they collect their famous Tupelo honey… back when Bodie lived up here, we would have coffee together all the time… he always loved a dash of honey in it…. oft-times he brought along his own Tupelo…  🙂


He has a beautiful home on the lake there… and takes great pictures….  🙂


We had met Bodie’s sisters when they came to Vermont… ellen got to visit with them and other members of the family she hadn’t met before…. it was great…


She also was taken out for lunch and dinner at the local favorite places to eat.  Nothing but good reports today…  She was pretty tired when she got back at 9:00pm and called to tell me about her exciting day.


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chivalry… knights… hero’s….

Never met a guy who didn’t imagine himself ever acting anything but heroic… certainly was true about Philip… the hero…. the wannabe Marine  (because (to me) they were the most heroic of our Armed Forces… always responding heroically…  to any and every situation…

… did you read that story about the lady caught in the current by the bridge and people just stood there and watched her drown… if I was there … I would have been in the water in an instant…. or all the people standing around in broad daylight watching these two guys beating up on a women and stealing her purse?  Did you see that… nobody did anything… they all just stood there and watched…  if I was there.…I’d have been in the middle of that in an instant… etc. etc. etc.

The truth is… we really  don’t know  how we are going to act until it’s a real situation for us and we are there with a decision to make… that’s the other kind of  “experiencing truth”  that makes something ours… not  hypothetical  about what the great Phil Wolff would have done  IF – he was there

So… here is my story… it is true… because I experienced it…  It was in the late 70’s, our little kids (probably 5 to 6ish) were up on the second floor… Ellen was doing something with them when I heard the sirens and looked out the side window… saw a half dozen police cars heading for the parking lot by the railroad station out back…  I went to the back window… then I saw the man they were obviously chasing…. he had a gun in his hand… he looked to one side of the garage… then the other side… then at our back porch…

Love…  His kind of love… just knows what to do and acts… I never moved so fast in my life… all I knew was I was going to beat that guy to the back door… he was not going to get into my house… the only way he could do that would be over my dead body…

I burst out the back door onto the porch… ready for whatever…  he was gone…. all I could do was cry and say  thank you Lord… over and over again…. over and over again.  Doing it again right now.

Photo on 11-15-17 at 8.55 PM.jpg


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an ellen interrupt….

This is not exactly a story about “laying my life down for my wife”…. but it is a great story about the Lord’s  love  for my wife and His  provision  for a very special week with her sisters… to attend her niece’s wedding.  A friend who teaches with her sister, let them use her place… very close to the wedding venue… so… besides the great break for her from everything up here, the never ending  “move”, and settling in … and caring for her husband… she gets all this special time with her family….  and get’s to do that… in this very special place… one of those developed communities….


in this beautiful house….


a whole 2 minute walk to the beach….


and… just take a look at this place….  🙂


what a kitchen….. IMG_2674.JPG

and more living area…


say goodnight to Jeanne….  🙂


I’ll try to get to the other story  that I promised, a little later tonight….


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