#10 – About telling… “Stories”

Yesterday I talked about principles… applicable to both  business and life … even threw in a “Philip Rule” for each of those principles….   🙂

Principles, rules, dogmas, doctrines only have a value if we actually have experienced these things in our life… not just things to try to do but a life actually lived….  We need to be able to live with these principles freely operating in our lives… as a part of us. Trying harder to live by a principle only brings us into more bondage…. then we fail again… feel terrible again…. and what….?   Go try harder again?

This is where God comes into the equation… this is why we just tell our stories… Philip’s stories are valid because Philip has experienced what is being told in the story.  Here is a story to illustrate what I said in that last paragraph.

I had just given my life to the Lord and experienced peace for the first time in my life… I was 32 years old.  The only “peace” I ever had before that, was after the 3rd martini, or the third shot of scotch… then I would pull out my pack of Camels (smoked 3 packs a day)… there I was, sitting in my car, experiencing “peace” and taking out my pack of Camels… then this voice speaks… gentle, quiet, loving voice… saying “You never have to do that again”.

I looked around but couldn’t see anyone… just a voice… I thought   “Wow… this sure is different”.  I threw my pack of Camels out the window on June 24, 1968 and haven’t had a cigarette since… and… I was “free”… 

I had tried so hard for years to stop smoking… at least 3 or 4 times a year… you know the drill… it was a principle… a good one… you shouldn’t smoke Phil, you are killing yourself… try harder Phil… it didn’t work… more stories.

What a difference this time… no withdrawal, no cravings… no anything… it was just gone.

It’s one of my stories…. it’s valid… I have lots of them… discovered over the years that the only way for Philip to obey any principle is to talk about it with the Lord and then agree with He says… then experience freedom.


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