The Book I Never Wrote

Stories like the one I wrote yesterday became the norm for my life…. mountains moved, miracle after miracle, impossible situations and circumstance totally changed, year after year…  I was asked to publicly tell my stories and always…. always ….people would come up to me later and say….”Phil, you need to write a book!”

Of course, as the years rolled by, and God was continually changing me, the conclusions I would have drawn in the writing of the book had changed as well…over and over and over…  I finally came to the place  where (after telling my latest version of my experiences with God to anyone and being told once again that I really needed to write a book)….I would say  “I’m sorry but I will never be able to write a book because every year I would need to buy up all the remaining copies of the last book…. burn them…. and start writing all over again!”

It’s closing in on almost 50 years of ever changing stories… I guess this blog is actually the “Book I Never Wrote”…. all the stories I’ve written will eventually be posted on Philips Musings under the year they were written.

I hope they will help others on their journey.  Learning these things certainly helped me on my  journey.


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