Quiet Time in Vermont

of course… quiet time in Vermont doesn’t mean it is quiet in our lives up here in Vermont… 🙂    It only means there are less tourists visiting up here in April and May… but… our lives?… I don’t think it is ever quiet in our lives…. 🙂

And I love it that way… always something happening… always something going on… always a challenge or two… or six or eight… 🙂

Philip being quiet for a couple weeks works the same way… doesn’t mean nothing is happening… or that Philip has nothing to say… it’s just that he hasn’t finished putting the latest and greatest things happening into anything that resembles a “completed project”…

At the same time, being careful not to infer that things, projects, life, etc., ever are “completed”… on this side of life… 🙂

Did finally see a bunch of it and teased a couple buddies that I …”feel a sermon coming on”…. no worry… these are guys who know that Philip will never be in a pulpit preaching a sermon again….  🙂

Ooooops… didn’t someone say “never say never”…. hmmmmmm….


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