This is not a sermon…

but it could be….   🙂   

I mentioned last time that I was teasing a couple friends about feeling “a sermon coming on” after an absolutely crazy several weeks, wondering what on earth was going on… now what’s this all about Lord?  

It sure was nothing philip had planned on….I saw no purpose to it at all…. of course… that all changed once I came out the other side of it. 

The temptation (for philip) is always to take what I have “seen” and turn it into a method… then preach it so everybody else can now apply the latest great “method” from philip….   😦

Of course… to be a proper “sermon”, it would need 3 points… preferably with some alliteration…  🙂    like this… “The 3 P’s”   His   “Plan – Purpose – Provision”

Much more simple for philip (and any who might read this) is to just realize that my “Plan” is never “His Plan”… and that within all the “stuff” always exploding around us… that He does have a “Purpose” which will bring about “His Plan”… and once philip sees what all that is about and agrees with Him… voila… there is always “His Provision”.. whatever form that takes.

The circumstances are always different for all of us… but… one thing I know… He is bringing about His Plans and Purposes for my life… regardless what it all looks like to philip at the time.


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