What if…. I learned Him wrong?

I had a really dramatic encounter with God on June 24th, 1968…. there have been times when I thought of it as more like a “head-on collision”  !!!!   🙂

All kinds of wild things happened from that moment on… I just talked to God… said that I was tired of trying to run my own life, that I saw the mess I had made of it …(basically that I was an arrogant alcoholic womanizing wannabe big shot chewing on 3 packs of camels a day who wrecked his marriage, wrecked his business and didn’t even know his kids) … and went on to say I was giving my life to Him, to do whatever He wanted with it and  asked if He would help me to live the way a person should live.

Moments later this crazy  “peace”  flooded my body… never experienced any thing like it in my life.  The closest I had ever come to what I could refer to a  “peace”  was after my 3rd Martini, immediately lighting up yet another cigarette.

Wow! This was pretty cool…. so… I reach for my pack of Camels in my shirt pocket… start to take one out and I hear this voice  (a very gentle, loving voice)  unlike any voice I had ever heard before… I would be turning 33 in a couple months) The voice said:  “You never have to do that again…”

I knew the voice didn’t come from the guy sitting next to me in the front of the car. So I turned around… didn’t see anyone in the back… this thought goes thru my head… “this is really different!”  I crumpled up the pack of Camels and threw them out the window.  Never had the desire for another cigarette.  Never went thru withdrawal. Never substituted other cravings for the cigarettes.. (as in the past)   like I did every single time I ever tried to quit smoking before..!)       🙂

This is a  “story”… one of Philip’s  “stories”… I will be telling stories here over the next weeks… similar stories… those stories will include what I  “learned”  about what had just barely started happening in my life…. and… what has brought me to the question posed in this posting…

What if I  “learned Him wrong” ?


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2 Responses to What if…. I learned Him wrong?

  1. Christine says:

    The exact same thing happened to me when I was 28, except in my case God said “You are important to me” and the next day I poured every bottle of booze I had in the house down the sink. Glug glug glug….it took a long time. I was filled with a strength not my own, and have been sobet now almost 35 years.

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