Jack Lemmon

Jack Lemmon was one of my favorite actors.  He was asked to play “Morrie”… in 1999. Jack was 74 years old playing the part of a 77 year old Morrie who has just a few months to live…. Morrie has Lou Gehrig’s Disease… he is totally dependent on others for everything at this point in his life.

Jack was the perfect choice… he was a man who seemed, at this point in  his  life, to be embracing the same values and principles that Morrie did.  He was now also very frail. He was, privately, fighting a battle with metastatic cancer of the bladder at that  exact time.

In 2000 , at age 75, Lemmon did the voice over and closing scene in one of my favorite flicks  “The Legend of Bagger Vance”.

In 2001, at age 76,  Jack Lemmon died.

“Tuesdays with Morrie” was a vehicle for Lemmon where he may just have been trying to do what Morrie was trying to do… giving to the world “his reflections on living” while dying.

Maybe that’s what philip is trying to do… sharing his reflections on living, while in the process of dying… not that he has 2 months left like Morrie, or 2 years Like Lemmon … but… we are all in the dying process from the day we are born.

The Lord has taught me how to live… now He is teaching me how to die… and share the incredible things I have discovered about living before He actually comes to take me home with Him.





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