Mitch Albom

The thing that is stirring around that needs to come out, came from a book that Ellen really pressed me to read… another book from Mitch Albom… he titled this one “have a little faith”…  and  once again I had “all the furniture moved in the basement of my soul”…   🙂

My first encounter with Mitch Albom back in 2010 was the movie made from his book  “Tuesdays with Morrie”   It had a profound impact on me.  I “mused” about it.  Might just be a good place to start with this back ground of what I saw back in 2010.

“Sometimes I think I was living on another planet back in ’99… that is not 1899… it is 1999 I’m referring to… I’ve been around a while but not quite that long  awhile ago…. 🙂

1897 for instance was back there when my great grandfather was murdered  by the Union busting Coal Moguls who hired the sheriff and his 20 guns to open fire on the peaceful protesters in Lattimer, PA….. it was known as the Lattimer Massacre … some of the unknown wonderfulness  of the American way back then…. a tune that fortunately has changed a little since then… it needed to change…

Somehow though… in 1999… I managed to miss  a great little made for TV movie called “Tuesdays with Morrie”…. I was living in my own little pit of despair  back then and managed to miss a whole lot-a-bunch  of things… fortunately… with Netflix… I am slowly catching up  on some of these gems.  This particular gem… a diamond….was especially exciting since the message  is everything I have been trying to communicate  over these past 3 years of writing these Musings…

Life is about relationships… life is about loving others… life is about getting over myself… life is about connecting….

What a beautiful… inspiring…. true story… I am totally motivated.  I mean I have just had the furniture moved  in the basement of my soul.  If you think I was weird before… wait till you hear my next plan…

I loved it when Mom agreed to bless her entire family  financially (more than 50 people)… from her estate… while she was still alive… I can’t tell you how excited she was to do that… and then for her to actually experience all the wonderful responses from the family while she was alive…. totally unreal!  Then as her time was winding down… and she knew it…she decided that instead of some religious kind of typical memorial service… she wanted to throw a party  instead… a party where the family would gather to celebrate her life…. and she wanted to make sure that she was going to pay for  the party…

We are going to have us a party… on August 26th…

Wish I had seen the movie before she died…  Morrie has his “funeral” …. before he dies… Mom would have loved that… we could have thrown the party before  Jesus came to pick her up….that’s my inspiration….

Guess what… when it starts getting closer to that day for me… collection day…I am going to throw one heck of a good bye party ….  before  Jesus comes to collect this old fella !”

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