Morrie said many things to Mitch  (a classic workaholic, who had no time for anybody or anything else)…. to that particular issue Morrie said to Mitch “how little work or career mean at the end of your life… the things that count much more are family/friends/community….  learning to appreciate the little joys of the average day”

Sounds something like the understanding that Philip has come to… to simply be who you are… where you are… dealing with what is put on our plate each day… all the little things… all the people… the little joys of simple, average, every day living.

I’ve said this before:   “Life is about relationships… life is about loving others… life is about getting over myself… life is about connecting….

The big one there is “getting over myself”.  It makes the others possible.   Morrie said: “So what is wrong with being #2?”    

I have personally experienced that the greatest manifestation of the power of God in my life is His ability to eliminate ME of ME!  That is what makes possible this next Morrie quote:   “Love wins… love always wins”

So true…. when His life replaces MY life… He then is able to love everybody He sends across my path… He is Love… not Me.

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