getting back to Mitch!

Mitch is on a journey…. philip is on his journey…. you are on your journey…

Mitch finally realizes it on page 246 of his book “have a little faith”… (that is just before his Epilogue… 🙂

“And it hit me, finally, that this was the whole point of my time with the Reb and Henry:   not the conclusion, but the search, the study, the journey to belief.  You can’t fit the Lord in a box”

Mitch of course does fit the Lord into his “present box”  (just like we all do)… I am so happy that the Lord helped me out of all that… and maybe some day I can write the book  “What I Learned After I Knew Everything”….   🙂

Mitch has come to the point in his journey where he now realizes deep down in his heart that “GOD IS”…  I call this the time in our lives when we become “God Conscious”… where we know that we know that we know that someone, something, some kind of power is in control of my life… not me… the great Phil Wolff had this moment in a hotel room in New York City at 2:00am on June 22, 1968, when he got a phone call that his manufacturing building was burning down.  I screamed at God, the force, the power, whoever you are, whatever you are, leave me alone, get off my back, all I want to do is live.

Ellen had her experience at the bottom of the Grand Canyon, where she knew that someone had put this incredible thing together.  Knew that it wasn’t some kind of cosmic accident.  There had to be a God.

The next step in God’s process in our lives will be to introduce us to His Son. That happened for me on June 24, 1968…. my life was never the same after that.

I can’t hardly wait to read Mitch’s book when he continues his journey and gets introduced to Jesus.



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