So…. Alfie?  Tell me… did you ever figure it out?  Life?  What’s it all about, Alfie?

The song is buzzing thru my head as I type.  I am thinking back… the year is 1966.  I go to watch this just released movie… “Alfie”… it was the first of 2 movies that had a profound influence on my journey. The 2nd came out in 1967.  I’ll talk about that next time.

It’s that journey thing I mentioned last time, the one we are all on… searching to find meaning and purpose in life, asking the question like Alfie finally does… he is lonely, depressed and wondering…   “What’s it all about?  You know what I mean”.   No answers are offered.  I was totally looking at this guys messed up life, comparing it to my own messed up life. What’s it all about?

I can look back now and say we were very much the same… Phil and Alfie…. completely self-centered egotists… the world revolved around me… what I was doing… what I wanted… getting mine… using others to accomplish what I want…

I didn’t realize it back there in 1966.

I could never watch “Alfie” again after that… I sure knew life was NOT what Alfie was living.  There was no hope… no happy ending… but… that was when I began to “ask” the question myself…

So… what’s it all about?

That brought me to the next movie in 1967… where I screamed out the question again, saying:  “There’s got to be more to life than this”… not sure if that was a question or a statement.

“Cool Hand Luke” tomorrow….

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