“Cool Hand Luke”… it is 1967…  Luke did a dumb thing…. Did you ever do a dumb thing? I’ve done one ….or was it two…. hmmmm…     🙂

Luke got drunk.  Chopped the heads off parking meters. Gets thrown in prison for 2 years. What happens to Luke (played by another of my favorite actors, Paul Newman) has to be one of the most unreal depressing chain of events ever shown on the screen.  Humiliated, beaten regularly, put in the “BOX”, tortured, leg irons and on and on… he shouts out at God (I did that)… he escapes (again),  goes into a church where he talks to God and blames Him for sabotaging his life so he can’t win… (I did that too… with much less provocation than Luke)

Then… surrounded by police, he mocks out the Captain by repeating what the Captain said in his speech to the inmates:  “What we have here is a failure to communicate”… (bet you didn’t know that was from this 1967 film)…   🙂

He is immediately shot in the neck by Boss Godfrey… Luke dies. What? This is stupid. Luke is just a really nice guy.  All he wants to do is live his life and have fun. There has to be more to life than this depressing story of life… life sucks.  I don’t ever want to see a movie like this again.  There has to be more to life than this.

I was talking to my friend Bodie the other day.  He has a good friend who told him that the two most important days in a persons life are:   “The day they were born… and the day when they found out why”.

Think about that….  I’ll throw some of my thoughts about that out here tomorrow.


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