Phil Wolff

Phil did a really dumb thing.  Just like Luke.  He drank a quart of Scotch.  It was also 1967, when they still sold “quarts” of anything.  I drove my neighbor home.  I only know that,  because my neighbor told me I did.  To prove it, he showed me the tire tracks on his lawn where I insisted on dropping him off right at his door.

Why am I still alive?

Seriously.   As I think back on what seems like a zillion things like this… where I should have been killed… it makes one wonder… how come I am still alive… and so many others are not?  Hmmmmm…

I think it is tied in with something that occurs between those two most important days in our lives.  The ones I mentioned yesterday.  The day I was born.   The day I found out why.  In between those days there are all kinds of amazing things happening… I don’t die when I should have… somehow I always seem to get bailed out of something… until one day I see that Phil Wolff is not really in charge of anything.  The great Phil Wolff really isn’t running the show… his show….or anyone else’s show.

That’s when we are ready to learn  “why I was born”…  it happened for me.  And you wanna know something… it never stops… that learning process… it goes on and on and on… for the rest of our lives.

Luke never saw it.  Waiting to see if Mitch does.  He sure seems on the way in that book of his I just finished.

Tomorrow… we can start talking about the next step in Mitch’s journey to discovering “why he was born”…..     🙂


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