Albert Lewis… and Henry….

Morrie died in 1995.   Mitch published  “Tuesdays with Morrie ” in 1997.  In 2000, Albert asks Mitch to write and deliver his Eulogy at his funeral… Albert is 82.  

Albert dies in 2008 at age 90.  Mitch’s book is a record of that 8 years.  It is also a record of how his “journey” changed.  His prior “journey” recorded with Morrie,  had no “God Talk” in it at all… nothing…. that all changes in this next book –  “Have A Little Faith”…. you can see the change from page to page…   Mitch continues his journey… to the place where he knows that “GOD IS”.

Part of that process is his encounter with Henry Covington… living a life of drugs, alcohol, crime, jail… faced with drug dealers coming to kill him, he is hiding outside his house with his gun and cries out to God…  “Will you save me, Jesus… if I promise to give myself to you?”  He was a Pentecostal who got “saved” several times, always going back to his other lifestyle.  This time Henry has a real encounter with God, becomes a minister with a church serving the homeless and addicts… he is a very large black man, with a building that has holes in the roof and 8 million stories… including his meeting Mitch.

It’s a great book.   There is God talk everywhere you look.  Things have changed in Mitch. Mitch is sharing his journey.  Sharing his conclusions.  Not yet realizing there is more to the journey… always more to the journey.

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  1. Sherrie Peterson says:

    enjoyed tonight’s read!

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