I need to tell you about Sheila Rowe and the article I read.  Have to because it is affecting how philip is “looking” at all the things he still wants to say about what he has seen from reading Mitch Album’s book   “Have A Little Faith”….

But let me tell you about Sheila first.  I met Sheila and Nicholas Rowe back in 2003 when they were still involved at Gordon College.  Jennifer had graduated from Gordon 10 years earlier but met the Rowe’s after her time there.. they were now friends… and Jen recommended her parents little B&B in Vermont for a little “escape,  be alone time. What a wonderful time we had with them.       🙂

With all the FaceBook madness over the past several years, we became “friends” and I have commented on Nick’s  postings from time to time.  Then one day he posted an article written by Sheila.   I invite you to read it…   🙂

I will try to convey over my next several postings, the impact this article has had on me towards my own need for healing from a plethora of “traumas” I never even realized I had before reading this.

This article will tell you much about the kind of person Sheila is…

Maybe I’ll tell you about Nicholas tomorrow…..    🙂

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