I had to look up the word  “academia”  to make sure I am using it correctly…     🙂

Webster says it is:  “the life, community, or world of teachers, schools, and education.”

It is a world that our daughter now lives in as  “Vice President for Student Life”  at Gordon College in Wenham, MA.  She lives in “Academia-land” now.   If you read about Sheila in my posting yesterday you saw that that is her world as well….

“Sheila Wise Rowe is a gifted writer, teacher, speaker, artist, Spiritual Director, Life Coach and Counselor. She holds a Masters degree in Counseling and has over twenty-five years experience ministering in the USA, France and South Africa. Sheila has spent the past ten years as a missionary and lay pastor in Johannesburg, South Africa”

Yesterday, I also promised to introduce you to her husband, Nicholas…  🙂

He is also part of that  “World of Academia”.   The point I want to make in all this is that Academia is not Philip’s World… not even close.  Philip is the guy who went to college in 1952 to avoid getting drafted and being sent to Korea.  I absolutely hated going to school.  Fortunately … there was another recession and my folks could no longer send both my brother and I to college.  So… what did me the wonderful one do?    

The mere thought of having to work my way thru college was bad enough but then to have to drop all my extra curricular involvements like the Theatre Group where Mr. Wonderful was in the school play with Alan Alda… come on now…. not too shabby, even if he was the star and I had a walk-on…. but… just for the record… he is a tad younger than me…   🙂

Then there was R.O.T.C  too  (loved being on the trick drill team)…   🙂  … but…anyway… I was anxious to get out there in the  wonderful  “World of Dollars”  ….  and start working on my first million.  

So… I told my parents that my brother was the smart one, the academic one and I would sacrifice…. drop out of school and get a job… so brother Bruno could then continue his education in the “World of Academia”…  🙂

What a guy !!!!! 




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