the Racist…

My being a racist goes a lot deeper than the horror of what white Americans have done and continue to do to blacks…. at least the other “immigrants” came because they wanted to come to Ellis Island and be Americans…the immigrants were not brought here in chains on slave ships.  They still suffered all kinds of Racist uglies.  Even from Phil… whose father was an immigrant in 1909.

But racism is much deeper than that.   It goes back to the first big lie I believed back in the Garden when the Serpent explained  to me that God was nervous so He told me I would  die  if I ate from that Tree in the middle of the Garden … but.. see… what He is nervous about Phil is that “your eyes will be opened and you will be like God” …. not to mention that you will then be “knowing good and evil”…

That was the day Phil Wolff became the most important person on the earth… the earth revolved around me… it was the creation of my very own world of    “I-Me-My-Mine” … there is no room for any one else unless I want them in my life…  my race is the best race, my color is the only color, my way is the only way.  I use to fool around by saying to people…  “There is the right way, the wrong way, the Army way and  MY WAY  baby.. my way or the highway!”   Problem was that that was the way I lived.  I was now … God… I was now … deciding what was  right…. and what was  wrong.

My race was not the problem.  Phil Wolff was the problem. I expect I will be illustrating all my Racist issues as I continue to try to write regularly.  To wind up for today though, I would like to close on a positive note.  

One day, I discovered that the Serpent was lying… I discovered there were  two trees  in the middle of the Garden … and I can still choose which Tree I want to eat from… every single day…  I made and continue to make the choice to stop eating from the “Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil” and start eating from the  Tree of Life  instead…

I have a different Center now… oh my… how things have changed.     🙂




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