Once I discovered I was eating from the wrong tree and started eating from the right tree, I came into a freedom I had never known before… not some kind of once and for all thing but knowing where to go to continually get free each time He would show me some area that still had me locked behind some prison door.  This is an ongoing thing. It is all from Him.  He reveals what is off in me.  The He opens the prison door and He sets me free.  This isn’t just some words for my mind to grasp or some doctrine to believe… it is an experience… it happens regularly… there are always new things to see that are holding me captive.

Among the things that Father sent His son to accomplish were these two very important things…to proclaim liberty to captives…. and freedom to prisoners” ….     then Jesus tells us that in the same way His Father sent Him… He is now sending us… and I personally think these two items have been neglected….  to proclaim liberty to captives…. and freedom to prisoners”

So… today I am “proclaiming”  that we can be liberated from the things that hold us captive… he opens prison doors and gives freedom to the prisoners.  I have a list a mile long,  of experiences  to illustrate this.  It keeps me very thankful… and very humble to know that there is no way that philip can free himself.  It is something He does.

Right now I am working thru the “Traumas” in my life that I never recognized still held me captive.  I am talking to Him about them.  I am seeing so many  since reading the article by Sheila Rowe about racist based trauma.  Her husband Nicholas, recently posted an article about research on childhood trauma demonstrating how there is no end of ways (not just racism and war) that trauma affects our lives, our quality of life, our health (emotional and physical) and can cause not only sickness but even death. 

We can be set free from any trauma.  Obviously I will be writing more on this.







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