22… just a number… but a significant one… that is the number of Veterans taking their own lives every day… every single day…. with PTSD, suffering from all the trauma, suffering from depression… just suffering till they decide to “end it”.  

I googled about it and found enough articles, studies, opinions to read all day for a week or more.  Of the writing of articles and differing opinions there is no end.  Not terribly edifying reading, especially when you discover the stats comparing the Veterans to all the other suicides and we discover there are a whole lot of folks who have given up the search for meaning and concluded there is no purpose to life…. (philip’s opinion)

There are all kinds of organizations out there trying to help.  God bless them. They really try.  I’m sure they do everything they can to help. None of those were around back in the 40’s to help one of my uncles that had been hiding (from Japanese patrols ) all alone in the jungle on one of those islands.  He lived on raw monkey meat for weeks… when he was finally rescued he was pretty messed up… they didn’t have a name for it back then… family said he “just lost it”.

Phil Wolff was an alcoholic.  AA is one of those organizations that really try to help… and they have helped thousands.  My only problem with that kind of help is that it doesn’t set the captive free.  I never went to an AA meeting.  I couldn’t say “I am an alcoholic… I will always be an alcoholic”... the Lord opened that prison door for me and set me free.  I am no longer an alcoholic… I am a new person… it is gone…

I suspect the same thing is true with all my traumas.  As I am bringing them up to Him, I am receiving His peace… receiving His freedom.  I’ll continue to let you know how it goes…     🙂

Like I’ve said many times… the journey goes on… never ends…. there is always more to discover of Him….



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