When I experienced that  “Peace that passes understanding”   the very first time…  way back on June 24, 1968…  there was no way I could explain it to anyone.  Where do you find words to talk about something like that.  I tried to tell people but everything I could think of fell so far short of what had just happened to me.

The only way I know to experience it is to talk to Him about it.  Can’t read a “how to” article… just doesn’t work that way.  It’s a relational thing… comes from having a relationship with Him.

After 48 years of regularly enjoying His peace, it still blows me away… and I still can’t explain it.  What I can say is that every time He sets me free of that “next thing” in my life… that peace… His peace… just comes over me.  One of the ways I know the “thing” is gone.

People talk about wanting peace but it reminds of today’s 21st Century version of  

“They cry peace, peace but there is no peace”

Hmmmmm….   why not talk to Him… see what you experience….    


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