June 24, 1968

Freedom… Peace… a whole different way to live.   Yes.  It had begun.  Then He spoke to me. What?  Hearing His voice?   That’s weird… You saying it is real?   Yes… that is what I am saying… it is real…

Never forget that first time… how could I?   It was gentle… loving… very quiet.  I had just experienced that “Peace”… so I pulled out my pack of Camels  (smoking 3 packs a day back then)  and was taking one out when I  “heard the voice”…. very first time.

Yeah… Sure… Right…  heard a voice…I don’t think so, philip… !!!

I knew it wasn’t the guy sitting next to me that I had just prayed with.  It was so clear though… I turned around and looked in the back seat.  No one was there… I don’t get it… I had heard this audible voice… but no one was there… the voice said simply… “You don’t ever have to do that again.”.   That was all.  Clear as a bell.  I looked at my cigarettes.  The thought that ran thru my head was… “whoa… this is different”.   I crumpled up the pack of cigarettes and threw them out the window.  Then the Peace rolled over me again.

That was more than 48 years ago.  I was free.  He opened the prison door.  No withdrawal… no substitutes… no cravings… it was all… just… gone..  I was free.



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