Hearing God’s voice that first time opened up a door that I never knew existed… the door to the world of the supernatural.  What I didn’t know at that time was that there were many other “voices”  in that supernatural realm…. the “spirit” realm (where the voice seems audible)…

There were  impressions  as well.  These things that would just float thru your brain suggesting all kinds of different things…. the realm of the “soul”… the area of the mind, the emotions, the will, the area of choices to be made.  

The “body” realm was yet another area… responding to a variety of desires and impressions in the physical area… desires, impulses… all of this had become so different than before.  

I didn’t realize (and no one told me about it) that I had been “born again” into a different Kingdom… a Kingdom at war… the Kingdom of God that was at war with other kingdoms… the kingdoms of this world.  There was an enemy leading those kingdoms trying very very hard to kill and destroy everything that God had created and called good.

There was no teaching or understanding back then about this kind of warfare… about the subtleties of the enemy… how he worked… how he deceived people… with voices… with impressions… creating circumstances…. it was all the counterfeit of the real thing… the real voice… the real impressions… God’s circumstances.

I’ve learned over this past almost 50 years  (philip is obviously a slow learner)  how to recognize the difference in those voices.  I will do the best I can to share some of that from my own experiences.    Maybe you can be saved a few years in your own journey to this realization.


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