I think I have touched virtually every religious system in one way or another… it doesn’t really matter which one… just listen to the voices… what do you hear…?

Do you hear His gentle, kind, loving voice?  Or do you hear the demanding, challenging, get busy for God voice of His enemy?

Phil Wolff was chief among those systems… I am not throwing rocks… I was determined back then that the problem was not that unbelievers were sinning… that’s just what unbeliever’s do… I saw we needed to just love on those unbeliever’s and hopefully touch them with a touch of His Life.  The problem (to me) was that believers were sinning… especially the leaders… people I knew… people I walked with… so….

I made the decision to stamp out sin in the Body of Christ… got involved in the perfect religious system to accomplish that and gave the next 10 years of my life to trying to accomplish it.  Never understood till now, the voice that was behind all that. I am so thankful for His forgiveness.

There was no love, no kindness, no gentleness.  It was all rules and condemnation for not obeying the rules, not doing it right.  Do this, don’t do that, be at this meeting, that meeting and the other meeting, accountability reports, reporting every week to your discipler… oh… and don’t forget your tithes…  (the first tithe, the second tithe and the third tithe)….

Never made more money doing anything that would compare to my years in the religion business…. that was the ugliest of all.  I live grateful not only for His forgiveness… but grateful for where He has taken me since then… further and further into Himself… and further and further from religion.

Sorry…. but that other voice is behind every religious system.

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