you are there…

The Facebook phenomena is a complete enigma to me… I’m sure I will never understand it.  It has totally changed a person’s birthday experience.  It changed mine again yesterday as I completed my 81st year here on planet earth… and now launch out on the very first day of my 82nd year.

I have never experienced so many greetings, blessings and nice words.  It was humbling and I made sure to take the time to respond to every one of them.  A regular comment was along the line of “hope you have (or had) a great day”…. of course, if you were part of my life 30 to 40 years ago, you would know that would translate to the question:  “What sort of a day was it, Philip?”

And Philip would respond:  “A day like all days… filled with those happenings that change and alter the course of human events… and you are there!”  Anyone who has ever lived in our house can quote that one to you….   🙂

Comes from a favorite old radio program when I was a 12 year old in Chicago (1947) … it was “You Are There”.. was on from 1947 into 1950… 90 episodes… it was a great concept… radio reporting of some historic happening … and YOU would be there…

I was magically transported to the “Alamo”, “The Battle of Gettysburg”,  “Abe Lincoln’s Assassination”, “Joan of Arc’s burning at the stake”,  “Fort Sumter”. “Caesar’s Assassination”….  a radio news report of the “happening”… and “I WAS THERE”…

It transitioned to TV in 1953 until 1957.  I loved it.  They would close each broadcast with:  “What sort of a day was it?  A day like all days, filled with those happenings that change and alter the course of human events.  And you are there.”

Every day of my life is like that.  Filled with “stuff” that constantly changes everything. I am so thankful to have been taught by the Master how to live in the midst of that.

And you know what?  I am always there…. having a blast!


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