So tell me what happened today?  What was the thing that was put on your plate that completely changed the day for you?   Was it a phone call?  Something you saw/read in the news?  Something on Facebook?

For me today, it seemed like something was happening constantly… 3 bookings for rooms (1 for tomorrow), email inquiries, phone calls, guests checking in who just happen to be innkeepers … my plan was to cut the lawn today… never came close… shifted priorities all day long. Tonight it was friends and family down in Florida with the hurricane on its way to them….         🙂

I guess the thing I keep working on to communicate is that the “happenings” don’t matter… they keep training me to treat each happening the same… do what needs to be done with this one and go on to the next one… just get His peace thru each one and discover how to relax and enjoy the current “happening”…   🙂

“Each moment’s happening is sufficient for that moment”…. that’s the one I need His grace for… the one I am in now… “take no thought for the next happening”… there will be grace for that when it happens.

Fun way to live.


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