Philip?  You talked about getting over yourself.  So… how does that happen?

Glad you asked that question…    🙂

This natural man dude I mentioned… that is myself.. the I-Me-My-Mine guy… that guy has to die so that Jesus can live in me.  It is a life long process…  inch by inch and row by row.  The Lord shows me something… I see it… I tell Him I see it and I agree with His “assessment” and then ask Him if He would please just remove it.   Then He does.

Another part of the process is this learning to treat the imposters both the same.  Win one day and lose the next.  What is Philip’s response to each happening?  Then always  talking with Him about it… always making choices based on those conversations.

I told you about my crazy 2015 … using a walker to get around on the 4th of July… then getting better and walking 12,000 steps a day by November… then in the hospital just before Christmas…. then started off 2016 with all the same kind of stuff.  Up one day, then down the next.  That is the process… talking to Him all the way thru it… getting His peace and His grace for each day… one day at a time… and you see the mountains coming down and the valleys coming up…. the road getting more level every day.

This is my second golf season where I haven’t played a single round. I used to play about 100 rounds every season for 12 years.  I treated them both (playing/not playing) the same.  

The newest one is going on right now.  Every morning after we’ve cleaned up the breakfast thing at the B&B, Philip gets on the floor, puts his legs up on some pillows piled on the seat of his recliner and he spends the next hour just laying on the floor with his feet up, slowly removing some of the water in his legs from his Edema.

The he does that again mid-afternoon.  Do you have any idea what that is like for a type “A” nit-wit like I am who is busy all the time, every day?  It’s the death process.  The removal of myself.  Type “A” Philip is almost dead now, as His incredible peace floods over me a little sooner each time I get down on the floor.

Any other questions?


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