I’ve always been a “people person”… I enjoy people… love people… always willing to help them in any way I can… always interested in discovering what makes us “tick”… each of us is so different… what motivates us… what are we interested in….

My friend Bodie and I talked about this at length several years ago…  he said…. “If you want to know what occupies people … take a look at what they are occupied with”…       🙂 

In this Facebook age, it is pretty simple…. just look at the postings… it is amazing how each individual posts what they are occupied with.  It really helps me to see what makes others “tick”. I looked the other day and compiled a list.  Let me say what I am not saying first!  I am not saying people should be occupied with something else.  I am saying that it really helps to know what makes people tick, if you are working on having a deeper relationship with them.

This was just one day’s list… but it is consistent with each person, almost every posting.  Family, cats, dogs, birds, flowers, eating out, eating in, a plethora of the “meal” prepared today (food), cars, trucks, sports, politics, causes, religion.   The frequency, the context, the message, all help me to understand the folks posting them.

Hmmmm… wonder what this guy Philip posts about…. hmmmmm… maybe it would help me to understand him a little better.


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