but how?

So….how do we help others?  

For Philip, it started when he finally discovered that Philip can’t really help anybody. Then the next step was discovering that everything I had been taught about how to help others was all bogus.

From there it went on to  seeing that people can’t be helped, until they see they need help and start asking questions.  Until then… what we can do is love on people, tell our stories and answer any questions that folks may ask.  That is actually pretty simple. Ever wonder why we have complicated it so much.  Philip again being chief among the complicators.  

Here is my story.  I met this guy… this really nice guy… who rented me his building.  This guy told me his stories.  He was always very helpful.  Then came the night that his building burned downed.  When I met him at the burned out building, he still wasn’t giving me answers to questions I hadn’t asked.

You have heard this story several times.  We spent all that morning together… I was fascinated by how this guy had handled this major happening in his life.  I never had that kind of experience before.  I started asking him questions.  By 2:00pm, I asked him the big question.  Henry… how do I get what you got?

Then I got it…. 

more tomorrow…



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