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I said this yesterday.  It starts when I finally realize that I truly am unable to help others.  It’s that “getting over myself” thing that I have talked about.  It is that natural man that I have also talked about, that needs to be put to death so He can come in, replace the great and wonderful Phil Wolff with Himself and then He is able to help others.

I was programed, right after my collision with God, that now that I was  “saved”  , it was my responsibility to go out and “save” the rest of the world.  Go out and serve God, do great things for Him, great exploits… pray like everything depends on God and work like everything depends on you…  go-go-do-do… ’cause it’s all up to you.

It took almost 40 years to discover just how bogus that whole religious thing was… but…  better late than never.       🙂

Fortunately, it only takes just a tiny little bit of His life to touch other people… so a few people do get a little help along the way, as we journey thru life trying to follow Him.

How much better it has been to finally discover that absolutely nothing depends on Phil Wolff… absolutely everything depends on Him.  That allows me to just be who I am, where He has placed me, simply dealing with each day’s happenings as He brings or allows them into my life.

Keeping it simple….


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