I love it!  The slightest thought of being a leader in His Kingdom… and off I go… yes Lord, of course I’ll go.. anywhere… just name it… I will serve you and your Kingdom the rest of my life… (then to myself, the thought comes  “God really knew what He was doing when He saved you Phil Wolff”)  That is pretty sad… even sadder that Phil did not even realize, at the time, that God knows every little thought that passes thru my brain… duh!        🙂

This is not something new.  Jesus was talking all the time about coming here to establish His kingdom.  The folks were jumping all over that (just like Philip)… until they discovered He was not talking about a temporal Kingdom… not talking about an earthly, political, time and space Kingdom with palaces and kings and all kinds of big shots… you know… with dudes like Phil Wolff calling the shots.

Austin Sparks said (over 50 years ago):  “people are really set upon having a work for God down here that is flourishing and prosperous and well-spoken of, you find that people are really, after all, only going with Him so long as He comes into line with their ideas and ambitions…… They say it is for the Lord, but you must not touch it; it is their own. If you are not coming to help their thing or things with your ministry or presentation, of course they won’t have it, and it resolves itself into this: they won’t have Him; that is not the kind of Lord they want. They want a Lord who is going to make their thing for Him successful down here.”

Sounds like this great leader guy Phil Wolff doesn’t it?… “Lord, come bless my wonderful work for you.”


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