loving others….

Philip has always wanted to love others… I know I am supposed to… it is the desire of my heart to love the world… just like Jesus did and gave Himself for them.  I do real well with that as my desire.. my theory… I seem to do real well with that… until someone from “the world” shows up in my life…        🙂

As the Lord continues to eliminate me of me, it actually seems to be happening… Philip is learning how to love.  Relationships are major in that process.  Spending time with people… seeing what occupies them… not to criticize them or try to change what occupies them… but to know them… understand them… and continue the building of that relationship.

Next thing you know… you really love that person… and Jesus can begin to touch them anyway He wants to do that.

It has nothing to do with telling people what they need to believe… and what they have to do… and what doctrines they need to accept… or what church they should attend.  

It has everything to do with being touched by Jesus life.

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