I was taught (and of course,  I then taught others) that revelation comes by studying the word of God and applying it to our lives.  It was all about going to bible school,  reading and memorizing scripture, listening to sermons, collecting materials, mastering subjects, dispensations, studying, studying, studying some more, going to meetings, meetings and of course, more meetings.. etc. etc. etc.

I’m sorry. I apologize for my part in all that. It may have taken me 40 years to discover that all that stuff actually was keeping me from getting revelation…  but… thankfully… I can say today that revelation comes regularly, without studying anything or going anywhere.. it comes simply, lovingly and almost daily…. out of my relationship with Jesus… walking and talking with Him in the garden of my life… Jesus plus nothing else.

Those were His words to me back in 1999 after my pity party while I was painting my picket fence where I was telling Him that all I ever wanted to do, was serve Him… and now look at the mess I am…

“I never asked you to do anything for me, Philip… all I ever wanted was a relationship with you.”

So thankful that He spoke those words… even if it did take Philip another 10 years to actually see what that meant….



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2 Responses to revelation…

  1. Phil I hear you on this. It is so easy to get it bass ackwards and think that if only I worked hard enough, then maybe Jesus would reveal himself to me. How wonderful to know that Jesus makes the first move outside of my own works. He comes to me freely, not tallying up whether I have done enough for him first.
    Now, I can boldly ask him, show me even more about yourself! How are you like no one else in the universe? Then and only then, Jesus says to me, search the scriptures, they will come alive and I will reveal to you more and more of who I am and what I am like.

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