Oh my… what our religious systems have done with this one… another one that Philip loved… jumped all over it… I was now a bond-slave of Jesus Christ.  How wonderful am I for doing that.

So sad… when it really is such a simple thing to understand.  I was “bought with a price”…  I was purchased...  I now belonged to another… I was a bond-slave… I had given my life to this other One… I was His… I no longer belonged to myself… now I only have to do what the Master says to do… the master who is Love… the Master who is gentle and kind.  That is very simple.  A choice I made. I belonged to Him now.

I have watched that word change to mean slaves and slaves  serve  the Master, slaves do things for the Master… slaves work… all the time… and you better produce big fella or else you gonna get whupped big time by a taskmaster.  Philip was one of His taskmasters… so he knows… he was one of the guys with the big whip… making sure all the servants were serving… it has gone from bad to worse over the years.

Belonging to Him is nothing at all like that.  It is simply being who you were created to be, walking thru life where He has placed you and walking down that highway in Him, by Him and for Him.  Simple… no big deal… no Mr. Wonderful’s…


Next time I need to say some things about how serving became service… and how the highest good became entering into  “full time service”….

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