Nothing appeals more to my natural man than to be out there doing things for God, serving the Lord, accomplishing great and mighty deeds in His Name… it has been called the “dynamic of service… all the activity, all the work…. everything done for the Lord”… going, doing, organizing, making things happen…. all that is called service for the Lord… and then it becomes my ministry…  and my natural man loves it!

That should be a clue that something is wrong here.  If my  “I-Me-My-Mine” guy loves it, there has to be something wrong with it… and there is.

The first words I heard after my “experience” with the Lord were:  “When God really grabs hold of your heart there are only two things you can do… go off to bible school and become a preacher or if you are too old for that, you go to the mission field”    That is how one serves God… get into His service… have a ministry…  I can’t tell you how many preachers tell their stories from the pulpit of how they had to stop their worldly careers and enter service for the Lord.  They have entered the full time ministry.  They have achieved the highest good.  I have been there… done that.  I have also repented.

How does one feel sitting out there listening to that stuff… a little guilty maybe… ’cause I still have my ordinary job… and obviously I am not serving the Lord.

“All power has been given to me… Go… make disciples… of all the nations…”

“Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation…”

I’ll give these verses a different look… different from what I was taught… on the ‘morrow….


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