I promised to share a different view of these scriptures today…

“All power has been given to me… Go… make disciples… of all the nations…”

“Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation…”

What if?    What if… the word “go” in the Greek, actually meant “going” … (which it does, it is a present participle)… and what if… what Jesus was actually trying to communicate was this…

“Going… as you go… as you walk thru life just being who you have been created to be… working were you were working when you met me… in the town where I have already placed you, living among the neighbors you have right now… and let me increase my life in you each day so I can touch those you work with, live near-by, your family and friends and allow me to send all those (that I myself want to send) across your path each day from every nation so you can share the good news of what has happened in your life with them and simply point them to me.  You can even help train them as they ask questions and want to know more about what you have experienced of me.  In the meantime… keep experiencing more of me.  There will always be more of me to experience.”

hmmmm… All power has been given to Him… not to me…  hmmmm …  

What if?…..  


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