going II…

What I said about “going” yesterday… that simple kind of life, that life where everything depends upon God and absolutely nothing depends on Philip… that kind of life… has no appeal whatsoever to my natural man.

My natural man wants to do wondrous things.  That was totally reinforced way back on June 24th when I heard there were 2 kinds of Christians… those whose hearts have really been “grabbed hold of by the Lord” and those other ones… I guess they just sit around in churches and listen to sermons or something… come on now.. how bad is that. I knew I wasn’t one of “them” and God had grabbed hold of my heart to do BIG things for Him… 

What I said yesterday was not a teaching… not a new doctrine… it was simply sharing my life and where my journey with the Lord has brought me.  That has been quite a journey.  Along the way… all I did was to try to obey the Lord and do what I believed He was telling me to do.

I do suggest that is the best way for all of us go… doing what we believe He has put in our hearts to do.  

All I can do is tell my stories…  my experiences.  You will have your own stories to tell.  Hopefully a few of my stories may help you in your journey.

Tomorrow, I will tell a few of those stories about the BIG things I did for Him… things that have brought me to this understanding that I shared about “going” yesterday.


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