BIG thing #1…

Our manufacturing building burned down… I met the Lord… out of the ashes of that building I saw miracle after miracle over the next 6 months which convinced me that this was the BIG thing God had chosen me to do for Him…. He was going to make this business so successful that I would have thousands upon thousands of dollars to help fund ministries all over the world.

I called successful Christian business men and successful Christian athletes all over the U.S., and spoke to Church leaders, in order to see how they donated large sums of money and what kinds of missions and ministries they supported.  

I would get their secretary on the phone, ask to speak to the person… they would say “what did you want to talk to Mr. ________ about…. and I would say.. “Jesus Christ”…. They all talked to me, answered my questions and encouraged me.

I was so pumped and so puffed up… of course God would choose me for something like this… my abilities, my gifts, Phil the Entrepreneur would launch a franchising system for iron shops to build small overhead traveling cranes with our “Jersey Crane Kits” and Jersey Crane Corporation would go coast to coast… the Lord would have no further financial problems.  Phil was ready, willing and able.

Then He said some words that I would hear many times over the coming years…  gentle, kind, loving… He said:  “I could do this thing. But I am not.”

More tomorrow.

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