BIG thing #2…

I was a bit devastated when He said He was not going to do what Phil thought He was going to do.  All those miracles for about a year. I was confused.

It was June 1969.  Ellen and I had gotten married, moved into a small apartment in Hasbrouck Heights, N.J.  Books had been a very important part of our lives during that first year of following the Lord. We had set up a small book-table in our apartment. I was especially interested in what were known as the “Deeper Life” authors…. and all the great “testimony” books… how God turned lives around and did great and wondrous things thru them…. like he was doing with me…   🙂

As we moved thru that last 6 months of 1969, Jersey Crane went from disaster to disaster.. Prior to this everything had gone “right”… now everything was going “wrong”.  As I talked to God about it, I had this impression that I was Jonah and I needed to “jump off the ship” so the business could be saved.

I had been talking about a small Christian Bookstore for quite a while at that time.  When I made the decision to resign as president of Jersey Crane Corporation, a friend who was in the real estate business, offered me an office on the 2nd floor of his real estate building, rent free, so I could open a bookstore to the public.  It was 400 sq feet.  I was on the way.

I had about $3000 left… brought in shelving and inventory, formed a non-profit 501c3 corporation called… (of course)… Deeper Life, Inc.   Going deeper, higher, farther, etc was the story of my life. I saw it…of course… how did I miss it… What God really had planned for my life was this great big bookstore ministry.   Much more important than the money thing… after all… money is the root of all evil.

Hey phil… how did that work out?




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