BIG thing #4

We decided to use my connections in the materials handling equipment industry and do service and installation of cranes, hoist, conveyors, and the like. I was 35 and my new partner was about 10 years older than me.  No one was looking to hire 30/40 year olds who had been self-employed most of their working lives… we needed to start our own venture.

What we needed next was to come up with a “name” to call our new corporation.  It had to be something to proclaim our Christianity of course…. and enable us to start a conversation about God whenever a client or potential client would ask us about the name.  So… I went to the bible, looking for something starting with an “A” that we could use, since companies were always listed alphabetically back then…. and there it was… Amnon, the son of David… what could be better than this!  Yesssss! Thank you Lord!

It was the birth of Amnon Corporation.

It would have been better if I had done a little further research on Amnon son of David before incorporating.  As I read more about this son of David, it seems that Amnon was actually quite a young reprobate.  He raped his half-sister, Tamar, the daughter of David. That would certainly not be a very good conversation starter about our relationship with God.  Hmmmmmmm….

Fortunately, not too many people asked us how we arrived at that name for our Corporation.  But it was ok because we knew that God had allowed it for His eternal purposes and was going to do something marvelous in our eyes!

Hey phil… how did that work out?



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