BIG thing #5…

Amazing stories during my life at Amnon… I saw many crazy miracle things… some that we just laughed and laughed over… like the time the two of us were up on top of this crane and we had to get this huge nut off this bolt… it was frozen solid… we had a huge a wrench to deal with the huge nut, but it wouldn’t budge…  even with both of us pulling on the wrench.  We stopped. I told Don, we needed the Lord’s help on this one… so we stopped and asked Him to help us and move this stupid nut for us. 

I took a deep breath, and pulled yet one more time on the wrench…. and off came the nut.  We were laughing so hard, we almost fell off the crane.

At the other end of the spectrum, I was up 30′ inspecting the bearings in the wheels of a crane, straddling the I-Beam, when the crane started to move right at me on the rails.  I pushed as hard as I could against the end trucks with my forearms which cut deep into the flesh. I was seconds away from my leg being trapped by a vertical column, where the crane would  then just cut my leg off and the rest of me would drop 30′ to  the concrete floor.  All I had time to do was scream His Name… Jesus.!!!

The crane started moving in the opposite direction.

The natural reasons behind what happened are irrelevant…. I was just very grateful …

I could have been killed any number of times… but wasn’t.  There were also a bunch of little fun things as well.  Like the time I went out to service a crane that had stopped running.  I was clueless where to even start looking.  So I cheated again and asked the Lord to help me.  I heard:  “Look in the resistor box”… fortunately, I did at least know what a resistor box looked like, so I climbed up and opened it.  There were 2 blackened wires that had shorted out.  I replaced the wires and the crane was working just fine.

Don and I were both taking $100 a week from the business.  Mine went to the support of my kids… while Ellen continued  to teach and support our normal living expenses. Then… would you believe it… somehow Ellen got pregnant and would need to stop teaching by Christmas Vacation of 1971…. long before anything had gotten BIG at Amnon.     Hmmmmm…

Back to the drawing board.




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