BIG thing?…

There was no way to take more money out of Amnon Corporation… 

Another Christian friend of ours owned a roofing company… a Union roofing company.  He had compassion for the now 6 month pregnant Ellen and offered me a job as a “Union roofer”… cannot tell you how much I hated the “Unions”  (from my experiences as a manufacturer and installer of overhead traveling cranes) …. so this was a traumatic decision for me.      🙂

But it was $6 an hour  (40 hours meant $240 a week)  there was a $2 an hour bonus for working “hot tar” roofs and another bonus for working with a special tar where we had to wear masks so we wouldn’t die from the vapors!  They no longer use that kind of tar….      🙂

There was nothing BIG here to even begin to think about.  It was survival. Not only survival but unreal stories about my daily activities with the “Union crew” I worked with every day….   many not so good stories here…    😦

I spent the next 7 months on the roof.  Gave my interest in Amnon to Don… He did well with it for the next 20 years or so…The Lord gave us a beautiful little girl on March 22, 1972.  Then in July, one of the supporters of our “Bookstore Ministry” walked into my little office (we had expanded into an adjoining 200 square foot office) …     🙂    He told me that a major property in the center of town (between the Bank and the Post Office) had just gone on the market.

Now THAT is thinking BIG….

Then he handed me a check for $20,000 …. that made it possible…

Oh my…..


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