Really BIG thing #6…

1972 – 1976 were Phil Wolff’s  golden years  in the “Ministry”… the sun rose and set on the wonderful one… I was “God’s man of faith and power for the hour”… nothing quite like being 40 years old, doing great things for God and thinking more highly of yourself than any human be should ever think about themselves.

I took that $20,000, put it in our bank account at Deeper Life, Inc. and used it to purchase that building between the bank and the post office.  It had two 3000′ store fronts on the street level and four 6-room apartments on the 2nd floor. One of those store fronts already had a tenant, an auto parts store, the apartments were simple to rent out and  “Christian Center Bookstore” was birthed in the other store front.

The bookstore just grew and grew… now this was Phil’s idea of  “BIG” … we put a huge stairway right in the middle of the store that went down into another 3000’… then expanded into the 3000′ under the auto parts store.  We now had a 9000 square foot Christian Bookstore… the largest one in the East… in beautiful downtown Allendale, N.J.

I had left the roof in July 1972 and by 1974  I had become even more wonderful than even I could have dreamed of.   Not only that… but the Lord presented us with our 2nd child… a boy… November 22, 1974.

Somehow… in spite of all my wonderfulness, I did manage to become even more wonderful.  In 1974, I started my own “Radio Ministry”… the “Mark 16 Show”… is this guy something great or what!

Sorry… he even became greater…

on the ‘morrow…


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