BIG thing #7

In 1974, the Christian Broadcasting Network wanted to put their 700 Club program on television in the metropolitan New York area.  They were looking for someone who could put together a telephone counseling center … and do it fast… very fast… a couple weeks.

They had their people checking everywhere to get recommendations on who they could approach to handle the task.  I’m sure you have already figured out that no matter where they asked, the person that was recommended was the one and only Phil Wolff… he was the one who could put it together for them…. and fast!

As humbly as I could, I told them I would be happy to take the challenge… they could have half my time for half my support. They accepted.  Mr. Wonderful was now the newest Area Director for CBN.

We built 20 telephone booths, put up a wall in the basement of the bookstore, creating an area to install them.  Then I trained over a hundred volunteers to handle the phones.  We were ready for the program to go on the air… right on time of course…        🙂

It was so much bigger than even Mr. Bigger/and/Bigger ever could have imagined.  The phones just rang and rang, long after the program was off the air… every night… week after week… thousands were talked to and prayed for every week.

Of course it would go way beyond that…. because you already know that Phil Wolff has the best way to do absolutely everything… and he would certainly find a better way to handle all those phone calls.  You did know that… right?




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2 Responses to BIG thing #7

  1. Marge Greenberg says:

    It has been really interesting reading all of these and learning about a part of my family that I never really got to know.

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