BIG thing #8

The 7oo Club would go on the air, Pat Robertson would say his words, then invite people to call the local number on the screen to talk with someone who would be happy to pray for them….. and the calls would begin.   

Something was bothering me though… couldn’t get it out of my head… people would call and share these terrible circumstances, things happening in their lives… we would pray and say good-bye…. there was no follow up, no way to help them further.  I had this picture of an emergency room, people coming with these gaping, bleeding wounds where we would stick a bandaid on the wound and send them home.

I took the lead phone one night and tried something different. I would listen, then pray, then ask the person if I could have someone from their local area give them a call… pray with them again… maybe take them to church with them…

It was amazing.  We had so many people say yes that it boggled my mind.  I started calling supportive churches near where these people were calling from…. and began sending them names…. but we needed more churches.

I told CBN what was happening.. they loved it… Pat ok’d an expense account for me to go out and visit churches all over the metropolitan New York area.  In a few weeks we had a network of over 250 churches that we were sending 1000 or more names every week.  Now… that was BIG!

Of course…. it got bigger and BIGGER and B I G G E R!!!   I mean… what else? God’s man was on it… 

Stay tuned for the next exciting episode…. where Phil’s head also gets bigger and BIGGER… and B I G G E R !


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