BIG thing #9

Even in all my wonderfulness, I did not expect this next BIG one. 

CBN was so excited about what we were doing in beautiful downtown Allendale, N.J., that Pat invited me to teach our system at their coming meeting of all the area directors, from all over the U.S.   We all assembled at CBN headquarters there in Virginia Beach.  Not only did I make a marvelous presentation….     🙂     but Pat told all the area directors he wanted them to implement the teaching when they returned to their cities.

My buttons were busting.  There would now be churches all over the U.S. getting peoples names and numbers to contact, and these people were now attending their churches, the new people were being helped way beyond the simple band-aid prayer and both the people and the churches now loved the Christian Broadcasting Network beyond what any of them had imagined…

How can it get any better than this?  CBN discovered that not all the area directors were as great and wonderful as Phil Wolff…. some were struggling to get it off the ground.  So… what other solution than to ask Mr. Wonderful to fly out to those cities and get everything flying right.  Isn’t that what Phil always does?

I was flown out to city after city to work with the Area Directors and their volunteers… Milwaukee, Chicago, the Tri-Cities area, St. Louis…. and once again I was filled with button busting pride for all my great achievements.

How long could this keep getting bigger and BIGGER and B i g g e r….

hmmmm…   I wonder…. stay tuned…



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