oh my…..

The stories I have been telling happened over 40 years ago… that’s a long time.  I have often said these past few years, how I wish I had known then, what I know now.  That is not possible of course, since all of those things happening over the past 40 years are what has brought me to who Philip is today… no longer the great shining star of the Charismatic movement… no more Mr. Wonderful…

I want to be careful relating this next part of the story.  I no longer want to straighten others out, no longer want to point out all the things that are wrong with “them” to impress myself and others once again with my own wonderfulness.  Those days are hopefully gone.  No guarantees though, since I am totally aware how easily Philip could slip back into being Phil again….      🙂

I began to see things, sense things going on at CBN that were niggling at me.  More and more over the 2 years I was with them.  It finally got to the point that I no longer wanted to be a part of the organization.  That has progressed over the past 40 years to the point that I no longer want to be a part of, or support,  any religious system on any level.

So many stories… none of them good… the only things I want to write about are my own failings… (not other’s)… and I have many more of those to report.  I do that in order to work thru the trauma of my own personal involvement in so many areas of Christian ministry, by publicly admitting to the error I was in and say I was wrong. If you were injured by me in any way, please forgive me. 

There is a story though, that I can tell… a story that propelled me into the next BIG step in my journey.  Next time….


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