As I move into this next step of the journey, I need to pause for a minute to reiterate a thought from last night in a different way.  Not only have all the steps in the journey made me the person I am today… but I would not trade any of them for something else.  Each step was absolutely necessary… essential… as I pursued my relationship with the Lord.  It is our pursuit of Him that will bring each of us further and further into Him.

I will never stop that pursuit… it is not possible to ever discover all of Him in an entire lifetime here on earth.  So I encourage everyone to just pursue Him… never stop… and never pursue a system.

Once I had met Him, my motivator was always to point others to Him.  I wanted to help others, to see others discover His life, to see others be set free as I had been… to see others find the meaning and purpose of their lives as I had.

It was that motivator to try to help other folks, that spurred me to find a way to help all those people calling in to our counseling center… and it worked… big time.

Then I began to notice something… as I met with pastors to see if they would be the right kind of church to help those we were sending, there was a recurring theme.  I would take the pastors out to lunch, share life, find out where they were coming from, it was never very far into the lunch that they would open up to me and I would watch the bleeding process begin…. in them.

I cried out to the Lord… “I don’t get it Lord… you want me to send all these wounded bleeding people to these wounded bleeding pastors for help?”

Something was wrong.   Then… I saw it.

Next time.


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