I saw it!

Well… that may be a bit dramatic… I saw it!  Especially since seeing one thing has always led me to see another thing… and then I would see yet another thing and another thing and so on year after year… the latest thing being what I saw this morning!          🙂

What I saw back then  (back in 1976), came from hearing a teaching that I now call, with a bit of tongue in cheek, the teaching on the perfect church.  It just made sense to me.  It was the way to really help people, like those calling the counseling center every night.  That understanding of how to really help others just grew and expanded.

I was ready.  The Perfect Church had opened its doors and we were a part of it.  I was invited to be the Assistant Pastor that summer and would change careers on September 1, 1976.

I gave my resignation to CBN… we gave away our “Empire” to the “Board” we had established in order for Phil to be accountable to other men (part of that perfect church teaching)… that empire included Deeper Life, Inc., the building, the bookstore, my income, and all the other “stuff” I had accumulated… I just kept my car.

It was pretty crazy…  my poor wife… the things I have put her through… now our income was cut in half… but nothing mattered except obeying God.  Funny though, how every successful thing I have done, I would just give away… hmmmm…

The Christian Center in Allendale, N.J.  was still there the last time I went through Allendale.

What was that Ellen?  Did you say I can’t stand having more than $2.00 in the bank?




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