What on earth is going on here, Lord?   That was my weekly question for the next 4 weeks.  I was “seeing stuff”  happening around me that was boggling my mind.  Lord, this is the guy that wrote the book on discipleship, that gave the teaching on the perfect church,  the guy that taught us how God has grace for absolutely everything that happens, will happen, or has already happened in our lives…  What is going on?

Just 4 weeks after I started to work as the Assistant Pastor, I discovered that the Pastor still believed that about God’s grace.  There was grace for absolutely everything… except one thing… there was just no grace for living any longer with his wife.

I was dumb founded.  I had seen plenty of hypocrisy in evangelical christianity since I was birthed into it in 1968… I am trying really hard not to just  “attack” that… instead… simply trying to state the problem and call it what it is…. sin.

Things changed for me that day.  The day he stepped down as Pastor.  The day that Phil became the Pastor of the perfect church.  The day Phil saw that the problem in the world wasn’t all those sinners we evangelicals were working so hard to convert and get them to stop all their sinning…  the problem was all the evangelical christians who just kept on sinning.

I determined that day, that Phil Wolff must accept God’s call on his life… to stamp out sin in the Body of Christ.

Egads…. and how did that one work out, Phil?


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