BIG thing #10….

Of course, the great Phil Wolff was still hanging around in there, so he thought that everything was working out really great… he really thought he was helping people that wanted to be helped.  They were the ones who bought into the system and stayed in the Church.  We couldn’t expect to help those who did not buy into the system and left… just their poor choice.

There were many folks who did buy in… we had 3 Congregations in North Jersey,  we seeded people out to a number of small Churches in Vermont and New York in order to strengthen their hand…. planted a church in Burlington, VT, planted a church in London (yes.. London, the one in the UK) but the first need to was to pull the churches together in Burlington, Middlebury, Plattsburgh, Morrisville and Bethel into a cohesive functional outreach throughout the North Country.

I was traveling to Vermont every week to make that happen…. it needed someone there all the time… so Phil and several families and singles moved to the Montpelier area to plant yet another Church and oversee the “work”.

Oversee?  hmmmm… Did that make me an overseer…. a bishop?

Was I now the Bishop of the North Country?



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